Heel Pain

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Sharp pain in your heel when you step out of bed is a terrible way to start the day. If this sounds familiar to you, you’ll be glad to know that our specialist for heel pain in Troy, MI, can provide relief for your heel pain – most likely without having to resort to surgery.

Heel pain can strike after periods of rest, but it can also begin after active periods when you finally sit down and get off your feet. Pain can radiate up your leg or into the arch of your foot, making walking uncomfortable.

What Causes Heel Pain?

Common causes of heel pain include heel spurs, arthritis, a stress fracture, talotarsal dislocation syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. Typically, the problem starts with the plantar fascia, a ligament that spans the bottom of your foot from heel to toes. This tough ligament isn’t meant to stretch much; this lets it give your foot the support it needs for walking.

When your foot flattens too much, the plantar fascia is stretched too far, and small tears may occur where the ligament attaches to the heel bone. This may cause a spur to form on the base of your heel bone. While you’d think this bone spur is what’s causing the pain, it probably isn’t. What really hurts is the tearing of your plantar fascia ligament away from the heel bone.

Flattening of the foot is related to the structure of the joint complex just below your ankle, and the problem develops from repeated straining of the ligament over time. Wearing heels frequently may also cause tightness of your calf muscles, which can contribute to flattening of your arches. Even low heels – such as those often found on cowboy boots – are enough to cause a problem.

Why is the pain worse in the morning or after periods of rest? While you’re resting, your body begins to heal the minor tears in the ligament. Once you put weight back on your foot, the ligament tears right back open, causing a sudden stab of pain that may lessen slightly as you walk.

How Can You Treat Heel Pain?

There are many non-invasive ways to correct heel pain, including:

  • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications
  • Digital custom orthotics
  • Physical therapy
  • Diagnostic and ultrasonic guided injection therapy

Although most heel pain can be resolved without surgery, it may be required in certain cases. Should you have to undergo heel surgery, you’ll be glad to know that advancements in podiatry make it a much smoother process than in the past, with most patients returning to normal activity in just a few weeks. At Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute, we provide advanced technology solutions like HyProCure® in Troy, MI, that can address the cause of your foot pain and help you heal fast. Learn more about how HyProCure can solve your foot pain problems.

Our Process

Our board-certified podiatrist will perform a thorough exam and gait analysis to look at the biomechanics of your foot. He will also use fluoroscopy dynamic imaging to see how your foot moves mechanically. After the cause of your discomfort has been pinpointed, our podiatrist will develop a treatment plan to alleviate your ongoing pain.

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Heel pain is likely to continue indefinitely if left untreated. Because simple treatment measures are available, there’s no reason to continue to suffer from heel pain. If you’re ready to take the first steps toward eliminating your heel pain, schedule your Dr. Weinert Foot Alignment Consultation today. Your appointment includes an exam, gait analysis, fluoroscopy x-ray imaging, patient education, and an in-depth consultation with our board-certified podiatrist. Simply call 248.362.3338 to reach our Troy office and speak with one of our friendly team members. You may also click here to use our convenient online form.

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