Achilles Pain

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Are you experiencing pain in the heel of your foot in Troy, MI? This pain may be caused by Achilles tendonitis, an inflammation of the Achilles tendon. This heel condition may be due to increased activity or stress to your feet and/or legs, and if left untreated, your condition can turn into chronic Achilles tendinosis. If you suspect that this may be the reason for your foot or ankle pain, you should consult our award-winning podiatrist right away

How Do You Know You Have Achilles Tendinitis?

The Achilles tendon connects the calf to the heel bone. If you’re suffering from Achilles tendinitis, you may experience some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Pain or swelling in your calf or heel
  • Tight calf muscles
  • Decreased range of motion in your leg or heel
  • Difficulty flexing your foot
  • Warmth or tenderness in your heel or foot

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, it may be time to seek professional care from a podiatrist.

What Causes Achilles Pain?

Usually, Achilles tendonitis happens when runners or athletes suddenly start to run faster or play harder than usual. Middle-aged people who play tennis or other sports, like basketball on the weekends, can also be at risk. If this describes your current type of physical activity, taking NSAIDs such as Advil or Motrin, elevating your foot, icing the affected area, and stretching, can help alleviate some of your pain. If it persists, you should see your podiatrist as soon as possible.

What Are the Stages of Achilles Pain?

In general, three stages occur when the Achilles tendon is inflamed.

Stage one: Peritenonitis – During this stage, there is localized pain that occurs during or after activity. As the condition gets worse, the pain will often increase and intensify.

Stage two: Tendinosis – This is a degenerative condition that generally doesn’t have a lot of symptoms. However, you might experience a hard knot at the back of your leg or some swelling.

Stage three: Peritenonitis with tendinosis – During the third stage, you will experience pain and swelling with activity. As it progresses, you have the potential to rupture the tendon.

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