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Peripheral neuropathy is often associated with diabetes and can be a challenging and painful condition. Neuropathy affects the nerves and symptoms will usually present themselves in your hands and feet. If you feel numbness, tingling or burning sensations, weakness, or pain in your hands or feet, then you may have peripheral neuropathy. You don’t have to suffer through the pain, however! Our board-certified podiatrist at Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute offers 5-star-rated treatment for neuropathy in Troy, MI.

Neuropathy will worsen if left untreated, so contact our friendly office today to schedule an appointment with our experienced podiatrist, Dr. Weinert. Dr. Weinert has helped over 50,000 people relieve their foot, ankle, and heel conditions through patient-centric, holistic podiatry care. Treatment options for neuropathy include medications, natural supplements, and custom-made orthotics. Like many foot conditions, prevention is key when dealing with neuropathy. When you visit our office for your Dr. Weinert Foot Alignment Consultation, he will perform a thorough exam and go over all your options, plus take the time to answer your questions prior to beginning treatment.

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