HyProCure® in Troy, MI, For Heel And Feet Pain

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If you are looking to permanently relieve heel and feet pain caused by ankle instability, you are in the right place! At Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute, we provide advanced technology solutions like HyProCure® in Troy, MI, that can address the cause of your foot pain and help you heal fast. Learn more about how HyProCure can solve your foot pain problems.

What is HyProCure®?

HyProCure® is an extra-osseous talotarsal stabilization device — or more simply, a titanium implant that fixes ankle bone instability. Ankle bone instability is a painful condition where the ankle bone loses stability and shifts out of proper alignment with the heel bone. HyProCure acts as a stent between the ankle and heel bones to re-stabilize the foot and relieve pain. 

Right after the procedure, your ankle, heel bones, and joints will be positioned into their proper alignment. The stent lasts forever, though a foot doctor can remove it at any time.

What Is the Procedure & Recovery Like?

Unlike a stressful surgery, HyProCure® enables you to get in and out and recover more quickly. You will be under a local anesthesia or twilight sedation, but you will never go completely under. During the surgery, the HyProCure® device is inserted through a very small incision and slides right into place. Your foot tissues will naturally attach to the device as you heal — there is nothing drilled or screwed into your foot.

You will not need to go to the hospital for overnight observation, and — instead of remaining inactive for a month or more — you only have to stay off your feet and limit walking for 7 – 10 days. After that, you may increase your activity level until you feel back to normal. Recovery times differ from person to person, and it may take weeks to months as your joints, ligaments, and muscles of your feet, knees, and back adjust to the corrected alignment.

It is important to wear supportive shoes to ensure proper healing. If you have any soreness after your procedure, our doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory medications and ice to relieve discomfort.

Who Is A Candidate For HyProCure®?

If you have painful symptoms because your ankle bone has shifted from its proper position, this procedure can help you heal quickly by re-aligning the foot. Athletes also love HyProCure® because it helps to get them back into the game fast.

Children three years of age and above are also candidates for this procedure. Ankle bone instability will not get better with time, exercise, or physical therapy, and children will not “grow out” of it. If your ankle bone has shifted, you will require an internal solution like HyProCure® if you don’t want to have surgery. Let our expert podiatrist help you get back on your feet today!

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