Suffering with Foot and Ankle Pain? Laser Therapy is the Solution

Dr Anthony Weinert, a Troy, Michigan Podiatrist is always on the look out for innovative ways to relieve foot and ankle pain. As much as we believe in teh traditional methods, they don’t always work. Stopping foot and ankle pain is challenging to say the least. After all, when do we ever give our feet a rest?

Laser Therapy for pain and inflammation is one of the best innovations in years. Not only has the laser been able to relieve pain, we’ve been able to help prevent surgery in many instances because of it.  Nothing makes our patients and us happier than putting an end to pain by the most non-invasive and least costly methods.

After a study conducted at Harvard University revealed the effectiveness and safety of Class IV Laser Therapy, the healthcare industry has grown to embrace it.  From individual practices ours, to large healthcare systems and professional sports teams, lasers for pain relief have transformed how certain conditions are managed.

The laser we use sends photo-energy deep into the foot or ankle to heal damaged cells.  We invested in the most powerful laser technology on the market.  It’s simply astonishing what light energy does to relieve pain almost to the point of being too good to be true.

Besides relieving pain and inflammation the most important features and benefits of the laser are the following: No known side-effects, No pain, No downtime, No incision, No Shots.

If you or someone you know has been dealing with long standing pain, we’d be happy to assess whether laser therapy can help.  Call now to schedule your appointment with Dr Weinert at (248) 362-3338 (FEET)

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